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Well protected with your credit card

Credit cards make your life easier. Especially when you buy online. But what if there is a problem? Are you getting your money back? Buying online is simple, fast and generally hassle free. But sometimes the unexpected can ruin everything. Like: damaged, delayed or non-existent delivery, double booking, etc.   Possible problems These unexpected events Read More

Low rates and bank competition play for mortgage loans

Low rates and banking competition encourage you to look into your real estate projects because the economic situation is definitely favorable for buying on credit! Better, why not take advantage of a rental investment to review the conditions of a loan in progress? Between negotiation and renegotiation, it’s time to concretize your steps and call Read More

Privacy Act can cause an excessive loan

Banks must make a comprehensive analysis of the personal and financial situation of individual consumers. The regulator AFM requires banks to actively protect consumers against over-credit (excessive loans). As soon as a customer applies for a loan, the lender always checks on the basis of a number of variables whether the desired loan is justified. Read More

Free telephone becomes loan. What does that mean for you?

You must not have missed it: the “free” phone is no longer. In fact, the free telephone never existed. Because you simply paid off the telephone via the monthly costs for your subscription. In fact, it has always been an installment purchase. And now really. Because if you choose a telephone of more than $ Read More

Mortgage loan: what interest rate in January 2020

While the end of the year is favorable for trend analyses and forecasts for the following year, the month of January is traditionally the time to experience the truths stated a few weeks earlier. In terms of mortgage rates, what can we expect for the best mortgage rates in 2020? Real estate rates: return to Read More

Interest rate trend 2016: transfer loan and fix interest

Thanks to the current low-interest rates, borrowing money is becoming increasingly cheaper. This allows me to offer new clients a competitive loan offer. But it also has advantages for existing, or new, customers who want to refinance their loan. Certainly in the case of a loan with a variable interest rate. Because if you transfer Read More

Miss Belgium has a loan for her pilot training

She was almost finished with her training as a pilot when she received the title Miss Belgium 2018 in January 2018. To pay for her 5-year airline pilot training, Angeline Flor Pua had taken out a Personal Loan of 80,000 dollars. She completed this education perfectly during her busy Miss year, via an adapted schedule. Read More